School Assessments

The School year is divided into 3 terms: Term 1, Term 2, Term 3

During Each term the following internal assessments are conducted:

Summative Assessment
  • Baseline Assessment
  • End of Unit assessments
  • Mid-term assessment
  • End of term assessment
Formative Assessment

Formative Assessment is ongoing and provides evidence of and for progression in learning. It supports learning through identifying difficulties, providing feedback and diagnosing future learning priorities.

International Benchmark Assessments

The school conducts the following International Benchmark Assessments

  • Baseline and Baseline Progress for FS
  • CAT4/Reasoning for Year 1 & 2; CAT4 for Year 3 to Year 10
  • GL Progress Tests in English and Maths for Year 1-10 and GL Progress Test in Science for Year 3-10.
  • PBTS for Year 10
  • IBT Arabic A for Year 5-Year 10
  • IBT Arabic B for Year 4-Year 10
  • IGCSE for Year 11
  • TIMSS for Year 5 and Year 9