Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3 : Years 7 to 9

The learning environment and teaching strategies at this stage are focussed on reinforcing the skills of the formative years and equipping students with the knowledge, understanding and skills required for the next level. Through carefully planned and executed activities, students learn to independently set daily goals and plan long-term objectives. 


Their three years in KS3 expose students to a wide range of subjects. Our lessons continue the focus on the engagement, exploration, self- expression and evaluation of learning by all students. We ensure that critical thinking, collaboration and making connections with real life are at the heart of every lesson. 


A balance of academic and non-academic pursuits, including a plethora of Extra-Curricular Activities, ensures that ample opportunity is given to each and every student to nurture their talents. The learning in KS3 lays the foundation for the IGCSE subject options for Year 10 and beyond, helping the students to attain a high level of success at the IGCSE Examination. 

Subjects in Years 7 to 9

Arabic A/B

Islamic Education A/B,

Moral, Social and Cultural Studies (MSCS)







Modern Foreign Languages (Urdu or Bengali or French)

Art & Design

Physical Education

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