Inclusive Education

We at Al Sadiq Islamic English School, are committed to embrace UAE’s vision to be fully inclusive.

In line with the UAE Inclusive Education Policy Framework 2018, all staff of Al Sadiq Islamic English School are committed to providing inclusive education to all students in a common learning environment where every student has access to quality instruction, intervention and support to access the curriculum. Al Sadiq Islamic English School welcomes students of determination and ensures that students are not refused admission based on their experience of SEND and rather provide needful support from the very first day.

Our school has strong Inclusive ethos. Leaders at all level welcome, accept, value and prepare students for a better tomorrow. We have an active Inclusion Support Team led by the Principal, supporting the school at admission level to classroom level. This section of the school works in collaboration with management, teachers, pastoral, clinic, pupil and parent . The team works with external agencies to ensure that all students reach their true potential, The social emotional support along with learning is the strength of Al Sadiq. We are committed to removing as many barriers to learning as we can, to encourage each student to achieve and feel valued. AL Sadiq School also recognizes students who are gifted and talented and have English as an additional language .

Learning programs are tailored at various level considering the barrier faced by any child with sensory, behavior, academic, physical or emotional and are executed in mainstream set up along with applicable exemptions from KHDA and IGSCE, with constant curricular modification and required accommodation.

The services provided by the department are

  • Individual learning/education plans with strategies to support the learning environment of the pupil
  • Informal or provisional assessment to understand the need of the student before clinical assessment or accommodations in the class
  • Counselling for students with social and emotional needs
  • Behaviour management programmes
  • In class LSA support and pull out sessions
  • Extended arrangements for exams
  • Effective personal and career guidance to help all students in their transition to higher education.
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