Education City offers a flexible range of teaching resources for our students.


Education City resources help us to plan lessons in advance and initiate targeted learning.


Education City resources are modified to suit any teaching style and provide our students with the support they need.


Our vibrant primary school resources help with learning by encouraging students to engage with a concept in a different way.

Personalise Learning

SMART Screens and Activities are used for independent learning or topic reinforcement to suit students’ individual needs.

Independent Learning

Students are able to track their own progress. With MySuccess that displays both their last attempt and best score, our students are encouraged to better their performance and try to achieve to the best of their ability.

Take Learning Home

We are able to set homework for after school and weekends, as well as during the school holidays to help prevent learning loss. Having access to Education City at home is a great way for parents to engage with their child’s learning too. Our Parents and Students enjoy their Home Learning process.

Confidence Building

At Al Sadiq, we are passionate about providing educational resources to help students reach their full academic potential. Education City helps to engage students and develop their confidence by teaching them in a different way.


It helps us to assess our students’ progress with automatic tracker.