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Over the few years I’ve spent at Al Sadiq Islamic English School, I’ve truly seen the school grow. I joined school in year 8, in 2017. These 3 years I’ve spent here have really been a great experience for me. I made good friends, worked hard and overall had a good learning experience. The teachers focus on all of our strengths and weaknesses individually and genuinely care about our results. They want us to do the best we can and sincerely help us to do so with their constant assistance. I have my IGCSE exams in a year and due to all the constant support from the staff, I really think I am already starting to feel prepared for them and hope to excel. Furthermore, the school does not just focus on our educational development, they look at our personal development too, looking at mental health, our skills outside of the classroom and overall wellbeing. The environment here is also a very safe and caring one. This year, due to the Covid-19 crisis, we started online learning in March. It was a bit difficult to adjust to at first, but because of all the teachers’ huge efforts to teach us this new interface, we eventually got used to it, and its been smooth sailing since. Everyone works extra hard to help us understand the content now and we get twice as much attention than we did before. It’s also been an interesting and different learning experience, and I’m glad I got to take part in it. People are always debating whether they miss their school days after they leave, with most of them leaning towards yes they do, but I am 100% sure I will miss my days here, studying, playing, understanding, developing and improving at Al Sadiq School.


I’m writing you this email to appreciate your school’s work. Throughout this whole academic year, my son has been receiving extensive care for his wellbeing from you side and I highly appreciate it. Even when my son has any doubt, he would receive a reply within seconds through email which is really impressive. My son was very weak last year but since you decided to take care of him, his grades increased rapidly which I am really proud of and grateful for. I really hope the school administration stays the same since they’re doing a good job with my son. Thank you for your time and effort and I hope I haven’t cause any sort of disturbance to you through this email.

Raouf Saif - Tameem Raouf’s Father

changes that have occurred within it. Throughout these changes this school has always managed to prioritize the education of the students. My classes or exams have never been compromised in the 10 years that I’ve been here. Even now during these unfortunate times Al Sadiq and its hardworking staff has made it possible for all of us to continue our schooling from the comfort of our homes. Al Sadiq also succeeds in giving students equal opportunities to take part in activities or projects that they’re interested in. The teachers have always managed to guide us and encourage us when we take on such tasks. They try to be as involved as they can with the students and their work, providing them with resources and any information regarding their projects. The teachers also allow us to be creative and free with our work and give us flexible deadlines that are easy to meet. As I’m entering my 10th year of school my teachers have been extremely supportive and have been guiding me into making the right decisions for my future education. The supervisors have been making sure that we’re well informed about our options and how it’ll affect us. They have our best interests in mind while they talk to us about our crucial upcoming years. I’m sure with their help I’ll be able to complete my final 2 years of schooling properly without any issues. The teachers have been making sure that we’re prepared for the classes ahead of us so we won’t be pressurized with new information. They’ve provided a really comforting and encouraging environment for us to flourish in and I’m undoubtedly sure that they’ll continue to do so. Al Sadiq is a wonderful school to enroll into if you’re looking for an academically focused school which teaches and practices good morals.

Beiza Shahid - 9B

Hello, I am Jaweria Jawed and I study in Al Sadiq Islamic English School in year 7. "I joined this school in grade 1. It has nearly been 6 years for me joining this school as a student." This school is by a wide margin the best school I've been instructed in. The educators urge me to remain on target and turn in my work on schedule. I love the exercises here more so the instructive ones, I also love the physical ones, for example, P.E, and the play area. The studies here are the absolute best! I've been here for a long time and still haven't changed my opinion about this school. I've never been to a school with such cherishing, caring educators. This is my sixth year here and I love it! I've made a ton of companions in the time I've been here. I advise individuals at home to come to ASIES in light of the fact that I figure everybody would adore it here. The educators desert no student. The best part of this school is that we get Islamic values. It helps me to relate it in my life. Thus I conclude by saying ASIES is a great school to learn and to become a better student and person. We have science fairs year round and go on numerous educational and fun field trips. As you have seen that I truly love this school and there is no place I'd preferably be. If ASIES isn’t the best school, then I don’t know what school is.

Jaweria Jawed

Hello, I am Khadijah Jawed and I have 4 daughters finished schooling from ASIES and one currently studying in Al Sadiq Islamic English School in year 7F . Al Sadiq Islamic English School is such an excellent environment for a child’s turn of events. In ASIES teachers, staff and families esteems instruction and individual advancement exceptionally that is the thing that I love about this school. All my daughters have gone to ASIES for schooling , and I can say that ASIES is the same as a family! It has an incredible environment with superb activties which takes into consideration more learning opportunities for students. The educators are inventive, and Islam is a part of each School day. The whole staff shows levels of enthusiasm and polished skill that I infrequently find in the instruction or the business world. They are for the most part kind, gracious, smooth, conscious, and very accomplished themselves. They work indefatigably to set perfect models for our children of how individuals ought to act and collaborate together. Thank you to all ASIES staff and keep up the great work.

Khadijah Jawed