School Uniform

At Al Sadiq, We believe that wearing a school uniform provides a sense of pride to all students. We therefore require all our students to wear the school uniform which along with other school accessories can be purchased from the school shop.

Boys Core Uniform: FS1 - FS2
Girls Core Uniform: Fs1 - FSY6
Boys Core Uniform: Y1 - Y6
Girls Core Uniform: Y1 - Y6
Boys Core Uniform: Y7 - Y11
Girls Core Uniform: Y7 - Y11
PE Uniforms: ALL YEARS
Additional Items: ALL YEARS

Drop in or get in touch with us with the information given below or send us a query through the contact form

P O Box 16196, Al Qusais,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates


“In the creation of the heavens and the earth the alternation of the night and the day, in the ships that sail in the sea with their load…. in the rain which Allah sends down from the sky and thus revives the earth after its death; and then He spread in all kinds of animals; in the changing of the winds: in the clouds which have been left suspending between the heaven and the earth -in all these are clear signs for the people who understand”

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