School Assessments

Al Sadiq Islamic English School follows a Derived Assessment Policy, which is enumerated as under:
Foundation Stage

Monitor progress and support learning
Recognize the achievements of pupils
Guide future planning, teaching and curriculum development
Inform parents and the wider community of pupil achievements
Constantly looking for engagement, motivation and thinking
Assess students fortnightly on the goals and in terms of Expecting, Emerging and exceeding
The assessment for learning sheet is a working document
The assessment in EYFS is ON GOING
Teachers assess the materials which illustrate the child’s learning journey
EYFS agenda to monitor data
Summative Assessment at the end of each (three)term

Junior School (1 - 6 Years)

Diagnostic tests
Internal assessments, quizzes and project work
Formative assessments
Scientific enquiry tests
Scientific vocabulary test
Assignments/Projects with rubrics.
Student made presentations
Cambridge progression tests
ACER /ISA for 3-6 years
Year -6 / Cambridge Primary Check point
Other external exams such as TIMSS, PISA, PIRLS and CAT-4
Observations during activities
Summative Assessment at the end of each (three) term.
Target sheets
Record of student’s progress over time.
Students tracking sheet for scientific enquiry and other strands
Skill based test to prepare the students for international tests
Skill test at the end of the year to assess the skills in targeted areas
Assessment for learning strategies
Math Quizzes
Mental Math Test
Maintain student portfolios and note books with self-evaluation rubrics, Internal assessment and teacher / peer/pair feed-back and diagnostic comments with evidences that focus on the all-round development of the student with more focus on the verbal skills, proficiency in mechanics of writing, personal skills , scientific skill and problem solving skill.



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