Our Awards

Al Sadiq Islamic English School has been actively participating in various events and competitions. Some of the awards received at them are listed below:

CIFF : Children International film Fare Awards

Films were judged by CIFF 2017’s International Panel of Jury and competed for the most coveted “CIFF Film Awards” Students of Al Sadiq Islamic English School took the opportunity to showcase their talent in film-making, directing and producing. Two of the films submitted by the school received recognition and will be used at children’s film festivals across the world.

CIFF Award Ceremony (11th May 2017)

Hina Afia proudly received BEST ACTOR AWARD for her film Note Worthy. Next was the best poster award for which the film Return of Hope was placed in the top 10.

British Council Movie: Your word competition

Al Sadiq students have been participating in the movie making competition organized by the British Council for the past 3 years and this year students have won the 3 minutes movie making competition titled ‘Your World’ on the theme HOPE. The school has won both categories at the country level. The movie for category 12-14 years was THE LEGACY OF HOPE and the movie for category 14-16 years was ‘RAY OF HOPE’. The winning teams are shown receiving their award.

KENKEN : Math Puzzles

KENKEN International Mathematics Puzzle was an interschool competition where our students participated and Umar Chauhan from Gr. 10 was awarded for achieving the second position at the national level.

MaRRS Spelling Bee

An award was received for Math MaRRS Spell Bee competition Gr. 4 student Amina Mikhdar who also won the English MaRRS Spell Bee competition at the international Level after winning at the GCC round.     


Grow Your Food Campaign: Best Innovative Approach

ASEIS won an award from the “grow your own food campaign” for the best vegetable garden.

Karate National Championship

Our Al Sadiq students participated in the Karate National Championship and won awards for the same.

Taqqadam - Most Engaged School

ASEIS participated in “Future Ideas” competition Al Sadiq school received the “Most Engaged School award.

Taqqadam - Teacher Championship Awards

The Taqaddam Teacher Champion award was received by Ms. Rumana Khan for their work on “DISCOVER YOUR STRENGTHS AND SKILLS. MOVE FORWARD IN LIFE”

Taqqadam - Quiz and Think Science Competition

Think Science Competition enabled our students to design, develop and build science-based innovations, apply science skills and solve practical problems.

What Works -Tolerance

Mrs. Tanveer was recognised for her exemplary services at the KHDA at the WHAT WORKS work shop titled tolerance. She along with her students presented a 40 minutes show how tolerance can be cultivated through simple acts of kindness.



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