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Dubai schools are subject to annual inspections, which provides invaluable insights into progress and attainment, personal and social development, teaching and assessment, curriculum, school management and relationships with parents and the community.

KHDA’s 2016-17 DSIB Report includes a summary of our overall performance, strengths and recommendations, along with a more detailed analysis of all aspects of the school

Al Sadiq Islamic English School was inspected by DSIB from 14 to 17 November 2016. The overall quality of education provided by the school is acceptable. The section below summarises the inspection findings for each of the six performance indicators described in the framework.

Key Findings of KHDA’s DSIB 2016-17 Inspection Report:

What the school does best

  • Students make good progress in Islamic education in secondary, and in Arabic as a first language in primary. Students in FS and in secondary show good attainment and progress in English, mathematics and science.
  • Students demonstrate good learning skills in FS and secondary, and secondary students’ personal development is very good.
  • Teaching is good in FS and secondary, and assessment is good in FS.
  • Students’ show strong awareness of UAE values and culture across the school.



  • Increase the effectiveness of self-evaluation and improvement planning by rigorously monitoring teaching to ensure that the strategies used help students make measureable progress in lessons.
  • Improve the quality of teaching, especially in the primary, by:
  • Compiling an accurate profile of each teacher’s strengths and development needs
  • Providing regular and well-paced professional development, aligned with school priorities and teachers’ specific development needs
  • Ensuring that teachers enable primary students to learn more actively, especially in the lower years, providing smoother transition from FS
  • Providing suitable resources to support active learning in key subjects across the primary phase.
  • Improve how teachers use assessment information to meet the learning needs of different groups of students in primary and secondary by using what they know about students’ performance and progress to ensure that daily lessons provide suitably challenging learning for all students, including those with SEND and those who are gifted and talented.
  • Improve the quality of curriculum design and adaptation in primary and secondary by ensuring that all curricular programmes provide purposeful and progressive learning experiences well-matched to curriculum standards, for all groups of students, and especially in alternative provision for the substantial number exempted from learning Urdu.


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