Al Sadiq wins laurels at ‘Grow your Food Campaign’

School Admin 22 May, 2017

Grow your food Campaign is one of its kind which aims at seeding a culture of freshness and healthy living by encouraging the residents to grow their own vegetables and herbs.

Grow your food campaign had launched a competition inviting the active participation of all the residents of UAE to make vegetable garden in one’s own balcony, rooftop, courtyard or space down the parking lot.

The contest ran for four categories; educational institutions, government and private companies, centres for ‘people of determination,’ and the residents. This year, the participation from educational institutions increased from 15 schools to 50 and they have cultivated more than 300kgs of crops, which included more than 50 different varieties of fruits and vegetables. The criteria of the judgment included creative utilization of space, healthy ways of growing, sustainability, water saving (utilization mechanism), and varieties farmed, team work, planning and cleanliness.

Al Sadiq leads on using Zeolite for Gardening

How Does Your Garden Grow? Great, thanks to Zeolite
Al Sadiq students’ research study says it all, When it comes to improving your vegetable garden, zeolite is considered an organic super hero! This fascinating little all natural mineral – This “Mighty mineral” significantly improves the health and vitality of your vegetable garden and all your indoor and outdoor potted plants. …… proved our Al Sadiq students to the world. Our Al Sadiq students researched and demonstrated their study in AL SADIQ – SCHOOL ORGANIC GARDEN
This research on ‘ZEOLITE”… has crowned AL SADIQ path-way to the “INNOVATION”, with the credentials as….

Increases seed germination rate
Increases the speed of sprout emergence
Promotes root growth and mass
Reduces the leaching and evaporation of essential plant nutrients like ammonia, nitrogen & phosphorus
Holds moisture and nutrients in the root zone
Promotes aeration by preventing soil compaction
High nutrient retention capabilities reduce the number of fertilizer treatments required each season
Reduces odors caused by various fertilizers and manure
Prevents root burn with a controlled release of ammonia

100% natural and highly suited to organic gardening Zeolites are very effective as a distributor of water. They’re efficient at helping distribute water around dripper lines and are particularly effective in sandy soils. Zeolites have the ability to absorb up to 55% of their weight in water then slowly release the water as the plant needs it. Pretty amazing, huh? They do the same with fertilizers and other nutrients, storing nutrients and releasing them as your garden demands. And they actually act as an amazing odor eater – useful if you are using any type of manure. Also great for absorbing household odors and especially effective absorbing ammonia. Zeolite usually comes in powder or granular form. Zeolite is effective to detoxify your soil, prevent leaching and as a fertilizer booster. Zeolite is totally environmentally friendly. Such an amazing product; it not only will detoxify your soil of harmful heavy metals, recharge your plant fertilizer, absorb odors, prevent leaching and act as a natural wetting agent, Zeolite is a very cost effective and safe alternative for putting chemicals in your garden……….

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