AL Sadiq Islamic English School celebrates KG ANNUAL DAY

School Admin 20 Apr, 2017

Annual Prize day is a special tribute that a 4 or 5 year old child can give to their proud parents. Yes, to celebrate, acknowledge and reward the achievements of our little champs, we enunciate KG – Annual Prize day, with “The Realm of Happiness in Success”.

“Let us unite in making this day, the 20th April 2017, a day to be remembered forever in our kid’s life …..” was the courtesy call sent to the privileged parents of the Kindergarten starters. This genuine call from the bottom of the heart, filled the Multi-Purpose hall area with more than 300 families with the spirit of oneness and happiness to bless our tiny tots all success in life.

KG Annual Day is a dream come true for the proud families to see their little champions trod across the stage to get felicitated. It is a day for families to come and be there to be honored.

Ms. Greta Ferloni, Wellbeing and Happiness Manager from KHDA , Mr. Raj, Chairman and Managing Director along with Mrs. Sasi Kala Raj, Member of the Governing Body adorned the ceremony with their gracious presence.

Whilst the beautifully crafted stage by the skillful artisans of Al Sadiq awaited for the kids to come to steal the show, the proud parents, with all anxiety and excitement were literally on the edge of their seats to see their kids perform on stage.

Developing the ability to walk and move in a more mature and coordinated fashion with rhythmic tune in line of musical development of “DO RE ME”

……………… is an accomplishment. Making a judgment of the sound heard and transforming the stimuli involved into a manifesto of rhythm ……………….is a skill Becoming more skillful of picking up the pace with that of space and coordination involves ………………..mastery of critical thinking and response. Trot Out the prowess acquired in front of a crowd, that too for a performance on stage requires lot of courage, strong will and self-confidence. Under the able guidance of our teachers, our Al Sadiq children ensemble a spectacular showcase with a rainbow of cultural programs that conveyed messages for the community like Heal the world, Sharing, Happiness on Eid, Tribute to mothers, Long live UAE, Reach for the stars, to mention a few.

Students of KG1 & KG2 took the stage with great confidence where their month-long efforts were well-appreciated.

During the ceremony, kid’s achievements are proclaimed and rewarded with certificates and trophies for their scholastic and non-scholastic achievements.

Kinder Garten Starter, by definition is unassumingly a period of development. It is an evolution of progressive growth that involves acquiring skills in areas of curriculum like Literacy, Numeracy, Creative enhancement, physical development, Interpersonal and Intra-personal intelligence, with regard to Understanding the world of sciences like physical science, natural science and social science with appropriate balance between the emotional and intelligence quotient and that goes Far and Beyond. It is a big metamorphosis like egg becoming a butterfly, after undergoing different stages of development. It is quite evident that our children have undergone this change gracefully here at Al Sadiq, such that on this remarkable day of commemoration of achievement, they stole everybody’s heart with panoramic showcase to proclaim their credentials.

We are thankful for the able stewardship of Mr. Tajamul Ali Mirza, the Principal and his team who has always catalyzed this kind of Holistic development in their children.

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