About Athena

About Athena Education

Athena Education is one of the fastest growing providers of schools in the UAE which seeks to inspire, empower and enlighten students and to enrich our community.

Athena Education is committed to delivering high quality education and providing opportunities for students’ continuous development. We are also strongly focused on developing our students’ thinking skills beyond the classroom. We continuously build the variety of after school activities to broaden the horizons of our young students, for them to discover their areas of strength and passion.

To support Athena’s aims, the 6 ‘C’ approach will be adopted

  • Create
    Creativity comes from analytical thought and reflection, and from thinking innovatively.
  • Collaborate
    Students are encouraged to: collaborate closely with peers and all members of the community; express their own and accept others’ views; question and be questioned.
  • Communicate
    Students are encouraged to express their thoughts with confidence, acquire effective listening skills and develop strong empathetic skills.
  • Contribute
    Each student is encouraged make a positive contribution to all situations. In addition, students actively contribute to the wider society through the sharing of their knowledge, skills and values.
  • Citizenship
    We encourage every student to belong to, be an active member of, and uphold the values developed in their family home, while respecting the values of others.
  • Change
    The world is ever-changing, and the speed of change is becoming faster by the day. We seek to equip our students with the skills to fulfil future jobs yet to be created.
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Purpose Statement

Who We Are

Based in Dubai, Athena Education is a dynamic education group dedicated to delivering quality learning for all students. We are committed to developing students as outstanding, independent learners both online and in the classroom. Our aim is to ensure that all learners become self-confident, are secure and achieve at the highest level they can.

What We Do

Athena Education acquires schools to improve learning and provide opportunities for students to flourish. We are currently supporting and driving improvements in six US and three UK curriculum schools across Dubai and Sharjah. In addition, we provide the highest quality early years education in two nurseries in Sharjah.

Our Vision

Our vision is to enable all students to develop strong literacy, academic, innovation and social skills which enable them to become self-confident and significant contributors to the local and global communities, who have full confidence in their abilities.

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