Learning Methodologies

The use of learning technologies is a critical 21st century skill. Digital technology greatly assists in teaching and learning and make them more engaging and effective.


We aim to provide student-centred environments that place students’ interests at the heart of learning. We encourage our students to play an active role in their learning and teachers serve as facilitators of learning. They will help students think critically and learn by doing.

Active learning

Students participate in active learning by working in groups to discover new skills. Students can learn actively by talking and listening, writing, reading and reflecting. When students are encouraged to take an active interest in learning, they are more likely to retain the knowledge learned.

Responsibility of their learning

As students are encouraged to actively participate in their own learning, they become more responsible for it. Teachers will employ a variety of strategies to promote responsible decision-making and create self-reliant students.

Collaborative learning

Learning through collaboration is one of the most effective forms of learning. Learning in groups enhances the scope of learning and develops critical thinking. Collaborative learning activities include collaborative writing, group projects, joint problem solving, debates and more.


Computers are readily available in our modern classrooms, since they are essential tools for 21st century students and replace the utilities of pen and paper. They not only give students the means to conduct online research and master the technology skills they need, but they also give teachers the opportunity to enhance their lessons. The ability to deftly operate a computer is a critical 21st century skill. Computing devices greatly assist in teaching and learning and make them more engaging and effective.

Adaptive learning

Any classroom will always have students of different types of learning abilities. We seek to provide the freedom to learn at their own pace and in the way they are most comfortable with.

Performance-based assessments

Regular performance-based assessments are carried out by teachers through various methods.


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