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Vision & Mission

Athena creates Schools that is sustainable in all its aspects - educationally, ecologically and financially to the betterment of humankind.

Schools that are beyond differences to create a world for themselves and for others. Therefore, the Vision and Mission of Athena Education revolves around these principles.

Our Vision

To be one of the top three education providers in the MENA region and Indian subcontinent by 2025 with 20 schools covering the top three major curricula followed in the respective regions.

Our Mission

Athena group of schools are sustainable educationally, ecologically and financially to the betterment of humankind; schools that embrace cultural, social, economic and ethnic differences to create a better world for themselves and for others.

Our schools shall cultivate students who learn to Create, Collaborate, Communicate, Contribute, embrace Citizenship and Change.

Creativity comes from analytical thought and reflection, from being an innovative entrepreneur. To become that our children in school must observe, assimilate, contextualize by correlating with the world they see around them, internalize and finally create – in thought, words, mental pictures and all other ways that they express.

Being comfortable working with peers, expressing and accepting other views, questioning and being questioned, being a leader and a follower, internalizing the consensus of collaboration.

Developing conviction in one’s thoughts and becoming expressive of it, listening and not just hearing, modulating in line with target audience, convincing and being open to be convinced.

To be sensitized to the needs of not only oneself but those of others. To recognize the have-nots and support them from being one of the haves. A key value that is developed in each student is the ability to think independently; to be an innovative thinker in all situations. Contribution to the society includes contributing with thought, to make others think and to jointly make it a better world. The contribution could take the form of knowledge, skills and values, thoughts, as also physical and monetary contributions.

Learning to be a part of, to belong, to own and be owned, upholding home values whilst respecting all that’s around – nature with its roses and thorns, and society and with its myriad forms with its different languages, faiths, beliefs, ethnicities, cultures and traditions.

Many of today’s families will not exist in the near future. But this era of unprecedented change bring great opportunities for creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.  The world is ever changing and the speed of change is becoming faster by the day.

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