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Smart Approach to Learning

Yard Stick Advantage @ Al Sadiq

Yardstick is a dynamic experiential learning through engage and experimentation. The activities are taken up through a well designed program with the use of meaningful and constructive tools used in math and science lessons that patronize hand-on learning opportunities for our students.

Use of Yardstick in our classrooms benefit our students in a wide spectrum of learning as Program integration, as follows:

As an Explorer @ Foundation Stage

  • Providing concrete experiences
  • Help in observation and decision making processes.
  • Making directions explicit and precise
  • Attaching language symbols to concrete experience.
  • Planning lessons that are sensitive to activity levels and attention spans.
  • Always having concrete references for abstract concepts, including rules.
  • Implanting lots of language use in all activities
  • Providing opportunity for student to student interactions.
  • Developing motor-skills


As a Discoverer in the Middle School

  • Provide extensive opportunities for abstract thinking
  • Use reasoning skills to develop logical inferences
  • Recognize students may be inclined to challenge authority with their new found skepticism of the world
  • Engaging in argument from evidence
  • Analyzing and interpreting Data
  • Use systems thinking
  • Encourage independent student learning
  • Use questioning to arrive at logical conclusions


As a Critical Observer @ Primary

  • Provide a wide variety of concrete experiences for initial learning
  • Enable critical observations and
  • Inferences leading to conclusions
  • Involve students in activities that allow conversations about abstract concepts and activities
  • Develop hypothesis and design experiment
  • Continue to use concrete manipulative where appropriate
  • Obtain, evaluate and communicate relevant information
  • Encourage and guide them towards asking right questions


As a Critical Observer @ Primary

  • Move students toward higher- order thinking whenever possible by encouraging them to explain how they solve problems
  • Create projects that enable students to experience the tasks and dilemmas of professionals in the disciplines, our subject area represents
  • Planning and carrying out investigations and analyzing and interpreting data
  • Construct explanations and design solution
  • Obtaining, Evaluating and communicating information
  • Develop STEM Skills and design new solutions for problems

Assessment Of Learning

PLICKERS is a powerfully simple tool that let our teachers collect real-time formative assessment data without the need for student devices.

Use of Plickers in our classroom helps for quick checks for understanding to know whether the students have understood the big concepts and mastered the key skills.

Engage ALL students in critical thinking

Gives all our students the chance to participate and engage in learning without feeling self-conscious.

Focus more on teaching, less on set-up

No waiting for students to log-in on a computer or even open the right app. Plickers integrates seamlessly into the way we teach.

Education City In Al Sadiq Class Rooms

Education City offers a flexible range of teaching resources for our students.


Education City resources help us to plan lessons in advance and initiate targeted learning.


Education City resources are modified to suit any teaching style and provide our students with the support they need.


Our vibrant primary school resources help with learning by encouraging students to engage with a concept in a different way.

Personalise Learning

SMART Screens and Activities are used for independent learning or topic reinforcement to suit students’ individual needs.

Independent Learning

Students are able to track their own progress. With MySuccess that displays both their last attempt and best score, our students are encouraged to better their performance and try to achieve to the best of their ability.

Take Learning Home

We are able to set homework for after school and weekends, as well as during the school holidays to help prevent learning loss. Having access to Education City at home is a great way for parents to engage with their child’s learning too. Our Parents and Students enjoy their Home Learning process.

Confidence Building

At Al Sadiq, we are passionate about providing educational resources to help students reach their full academic potential. Education City helps to engage students and develop their confidence by teaching them in a different way.


It helps us to assess our students’ progress with automatic tracker.

Classroom Monitor @ Al Sadiq Class Rooms

Classroom Monitor gives our teachers an easy way to record assessment; it makes sense of our data gives perfect reports.

Formative assessment that is done becomes fast, easy and routine with online mark books. They map to our school’s curriculum and suit any classroom.

Online mark books give our teachers a quick and easy way to enter assessment. It’s the most flexible system for curriculum coverage. With our creative customized objectives, or a ready-made curriculum – we capture all the evidence they need to support judgments and map out next steps in learning.

With this efficient tool we are able to record our formative assessment

Any time – record learning as it happens in the classroom, or when it suits

Any way – use on our desk computer, tablet or mobile phone app

Anywhere – it’s online and always with us

All our data – save time with one click assessment and target setting

All our evidence – record photos, video, audio and notes

Live tracking data pinpoints gaps in learning, strengths and weaknesses to derive every student results and targets into live analysis of their progressive learning. From cohort comparisons to the individual child needs it access and gives comparative data with progress. So we are able to Live tracking data pinpoints gaps in learning, strengths and weaknesses to derive every student results and targets into live analysis of their progressive learning.

From cohort comparisons to the individual child needs it access and gives comparative data with progress. So we are able to

Track pupil performance against targets and expectations
  • Summative results populated from the formative assessment mark book are recorded directly
  • View all pupil tracking data in one, easy to access online location
  • Linked to our school’s MIS so pupil data is always up to date
  • Set multiple targets and track progress against them
  • Create intervention groups to ensure no child gets left behind
Compare cohorts and track vulnerable groups
  • Quickly switch between pupil and group view of assessment data to view averages and percentages
  • Compare groups using attainment, progress, attendance and ‘on track’ measures
  • Drill-down into graphs and tables to identify individuals
Keep up to date with a live view of school data
  • Speedy access to all our results, any time we need them
  • Create and share favourite graphs with everyone.

Engage parents in their child’s learning

Good communication with parents and carers make a big difference to pupils realizing their potential. Classroom Monitor makes it quicker and easier for us to involve them with their child’s learning. Our report-writing tool clearly links assessment scores to meaningful descriptions and achievement. We are also able to map out future goals with shared learning resources

Create better reports in much less time
  • Build a personal learning profile for each child as the year progresses.
  • Feed achievements and targets recorded in the Formative Assessment Markbooks into reports
  • Slash the time you spend on paper reporting, with ready-made templates and statement library
  • Show the full picture with contributions from teachers, TAs and senior staff
Bring parents closer with online, interactive reporting
  • Improve parental access to reports and attendance records through our secure online portal
  • Share learning resources with parents so they can support their child’s progress
  • Show off pupil achievement with video clips, recordings and images
  • Create snapshots of classroom assessment, ‘next step’ targets or share ‘live’ information

Snap Assessments In Al Sadiq

SNAP assessments help our SENCos, learning support and specialist teachers in primary and secondary schools, and in SEN/D support services for integrating Inclusive Education effectively into the system.

SNAP-SpLD is a computer-aided diagnostic assessment and profiling package that brings real insights to the practical diagnosis of learning difficulties, for ages 5 to 14. Intuitive and user-friendly, SNAP-Behavior brings to behavioral, emotional and social difficulties the insights and practical strategies that SNAP-SpLD brings to specific learning difficulties.

Stem Through Steam & Stream @ Al Sadiq

Play and experiential learning is the vehicle that drives and steers learning and development at all stages. Through play and experience, students gain life-long skills that support their development and learning. It is through play that children will have authentic, fun and self-chosen experiences in critical learning areas, is the ethos of Al Sadiq Classrooms.

STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. These have been considered core learning areas for the 21st century.

STEM – Advocates for arts-based learning and design based learning to explore the learning concepts with investigation and analysis.

STEM – With the Research and innovation, Creativity and innovation, with logical and numerical integration STREAM in our classrooms have glorified the core learning areas where they Create, Collaborate, Communicate, Contribute to Culture and Community.


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