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Middle day of Haq al laila at Dubai Police Head Quarters.

Haq al Laila is a cultural occasion that is observed all over the Gulf and it is celebrated in the middle of the month of Shaaban prior to the holy month of Ramadan. The children in the U.A.E go out and roam in the streets of their neighbourhood and share goodies and sweets.

At Al Sadiq, Haq al Laila was more than a celebration. On 11 May 2017, Al Sadiq celebrated Haq al Laila in all splendor and merriment. The Arabic Department of Al Sadiq had organized a colourful procession involving members of the senior Management Team, the administration, teachers and students.

Carrying the traditional lamps, sweets and goodies, the assemblage proceeded from the lobby along the corridors of the Senior and Primary sections and reached back to the starting point, where they danced to a lively traditional music and partook of this joyous occasion. It was a special event, which provided both staff and students a valuable opportunity to absorb values and elements of the local culture.

The event culminated with the distribution of sweets and exchange of good wishes.

The assemblage then proceeded to Dubai Police Head Quarters, Al Qusais, where the Girls dressed in traditional attire of the UAE (MOKHOUR) with all accessories performed traditional Arabic dance and sung a poem on “Shaapan” that was prepared for Shaapan, by the school children. The Commander of the Al Qusais police station was
over whelmed with the girls and gifted them with sweets and gifts.

ATHENA congratulates the entire team of Al Sadiq, that through these celebrations that are rich in local heritage adoption, the school strengthened its ties with national identity. Certainly, this occasion served as a testament in establishing and reviving existing collaborations. Our sincere thanks to the entire team of Al Sadiq and its team leader, Mr. Tajamul Ali Mirza, for their efforts.

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