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Our Awards

Al Sadiq Islamic English School has been actively participating in various events and competitions. The School has won many accolades at different levels as well. Some of them are listed below:
CIFF : Children International film Fare Awards

The films were judged by CIFF 2017’s International Panel of Jury and competed for the most coveted “CIFF Film Awards”!!! For the selected films to remain in the competition, school support was given by attending the festival screenings at VOX Cinemas where the films were competing for the Audience choice awards.

The students of Al Sadiq Islamic English School grabbed the opportunity to showcase their talent in film-making and themselves directed and produced the films. Out of the total nine films sent from the school, two of them -“Note Worthy- Group A” and “Return of Hope- Group B” -officially chosen for “CIFF’s Official Selection”. All the 9 films were screened at VOX cinemas during the CIFF 2017 Festival Program.

The winning films will now travel to other Children’s Film festivals across the world.

Red carpet Opening Ceremony (27th April 2017)

Held in the auditorium of Emirates Institute for Banking and Financial Studies, Academic City, Dubai, the Directors of the “CIFF Official Selection of Student films” were felicitated at the Opening Ceremony with the medal. Hina Afiah director of “ Note-Worthy” and Zarish Irfan director of “Return of Hope” proudly received the medal on the stage.

CIFF Award Ceremony (11th May 2017)

It was the D-day for all the films as the Gala awards ceremony was held at the auditorium of Men’s College, Academic City, Dubai. It was time for the best actor award where Hina Afia from Group A proudly filched the BEST ACTOR AWARD for her film Note –Worthy. Next was the best poster award for which the film Return of Hope came to the top 10 but unfortunately couldn’t make it to the top three

Overall, it was a wonderful experience for all the students who participated in the competition and definitely did learn a lot from their experience.

British Council Movie: Your word competition

Al Sadiq students have been participating in the movie making competition organized by the British Council for the past 3 years and this year students have won the 3 minutes movie making competition titled ‘Your World’ on the theme HOPE. The school has won both categories at the country level. The movie for category 12-14 years was THE LEGACY OF HOPE and the movie for category 14-16 years was ‘RAY OF HOPE’. The winning teams were awarded the mementos.

KENKEN : Math Puzzles

KenKen is a grid-based arithmetic logic puzzle that employs puzzle technology along with basic math operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division challenging a student’s logic and problem-solving skills. KENKEN International Mathematics Puzzle was an interschool competition where our students participated and Umar Chauhan from Gr. 10 was awarded for achieving the Second position at the national level.

MaRRS Spelling Bee

Yet another award giving was for the students who qualified the Math MaRRS Spell Bee competition followed by honouring the Gr. 4 student Amina Mikhdar who had won the English MaRRS Spell Bee competition at the international Level after winning at the GCC level.

Grow Your Food Campaign: Best Innovative Approach

Grow your food Campaign is one of its kind which aims at seeding a culture of freshness and healthy living by encouraging the residents to grow their own vegetables and herbs. Grow your food campaign had launched a competition inviting the active participation of all the residents of UAE to make vegetable garden in one’s own balcony, rooftop, courtyard or space down the parking lot.

Karate National Championship

Our Al Sadiq students participated in the Karate National Championship and won awards for the same. Such events help our students to showcase their talent.

Taqqadam - Most Engaged School

Our Al Sadiq students participated in this great initiative of “Future Ideas” to address the concerns related to Education System, Dubai Intellects, Abstaining Atrocity and Accidents and Path to Empathy. Though Al Sadiq school couldn’t make it in the finals, they made us proud by coming out as the “Most Engaged School, Taqaddam Teacher Awards, Taqaddam Ambassadors and Teacher Champion Award.

Taqqadam - Teacher Championship Awards

Starting with the Taqaddam Teacher Champion – the award for the teacher champion was grabbed by Ms. Rumana khan from Al Sadiq School along with three other teachers. ‘ DISCOVER YOUR STRENGTHS AND SKILLS. MOVE FORWARD IN LIFE!

Taqqadam - Quiz and Think Science Competition

Think Science Competition is a science competition that aims at engaging teams of up to three or four talented youth from all across the UAE. The idea behind the competition is to encourage young people to design, develop and build science-based innovations, and to apply science skills in solving practical problems. Eager and gifted youth from across the UAE were invited to participate with their innovations.

What Works -Tolerance

Mrs. Tanveer was felicitated for her exemplary services in making the school proud at the highest regulatory authority – the KHDA at the WHAT WORKS work shop titled TOLERANCE. She along with her students presented a 40 minutes show on what innovative and international style of teaching strategies is followed with an insight to how tolerance can be cultivated in students through simple acts of kindness and adjustability in all situations.


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“In the creation of the heavens and the earth the alternation of the night and the day, in the ships that sail in the sea with their load…. in the rain which Allah sends down from the sky and thus revives the earth after its death; and then He spread in all kinds of animals; in the changing of the winds: in the clouds which have been left suspending between the heaven and the earth -in all these are clear signs for the people who understand”

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