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Happython at Al Sadiq for School Transformation

Guided by the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai, on “The Happiness Agenda”, Al Sadiq School fueled, a school transformation initiative, called “HAPPYTHON”.

Adopting a globally unique, science-based and methodical approach, the school started measuring, impacting and sustaining happiness through an iterative framework to discover, change, educate and measure people’s happiness in the school.

The Happiness Agenda

The whole initiative was conceptualized in different phases as “Being Empathetic”, “Being Tolerant”, “Be the Change that, you wish to see as a Happy member”, “Educate to Evolve”, “Bring out a Sustainable Measure to make the school – as A Happening “HAPPY SCHOOL”.

Based on the concept, there have been many events held in the school for the students and staff, so as to discover, acknowledge and reward, “EMPATHETIC IDEALS” and situations that our students and staff have been in. These recordings were shared with others to create awareness around. Following the ideation to acknowledge the emphatic greatness that the school have been working on, the school Management decided to commemorate the real meaning of HAPPINESS, on “Thanks Giving Thursday, the 27th of April 2017, that evolved into “HAPPYTHON”. This was a school sponsored activity for the entire staff that exclusively set apart with the prime objective of being happy and enjoy the day. Many thanks to the event organisers, the Primary Section teachers with their supervisor Mrs. Rafia & Mrs. Nargis who were part of the HAPPINESS CORE TEAM. Mrs. Sheeba Fatema came forward to organize it with her team of teachers. It was a joyful day for the entire Al Sadiq team of teachers and non- teaching staff, eventually it turned out to become a “Talent Hunt”, as many hidden talents of our teachers were discovered.

It was a democratic event that gathered all the Al Sadiq staff all under one platform of “Being Happy”, irrespective of the roles and responsibilities they hold. The programme was officially inaugurated by the Principal in the presence of Mr. Harsh- the Manager of school Building and Resource Development Department. The organizers stimulated the staff to share their understanding of the concept HAPPINESS and play sportive. The event had many interesting games such as STACK- UNSTACK, MOVING IN ON UP, COUCH POTATO, LUNCH DATE, BAIL THE BALL, BACK FLIP. Every one enjoyed the day to their heart content. Mr. Raj, our Chairman, during his enlivening speech, appreciated the whole concept of “free flow”, where the hidden talents of the staff were discovered, that can be nurtured and channelised for the betterment of our children. He expressed his heart-felt thanks to their Team leader, The Principal, Mr. Tajamul Ali Mirza, for being their guiding spirit through the project at the school, right from its inception. Mr. Raj concluded his speech with the note that “The Key to Happiness, is being thankful” and enthralled the whole team with surprise reward for their relentless hardwork and dedication.

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