Classroom Monitor Training for Students

School Admin 17 May, 2017

One of the major milestones accomplished by ATHENA schools, in the year 2016-17 is the implementation of Classroom Monitor for tracking student attainment and progress.

ATHENA has been a working platform for CPD – Continuous Professional Development for our teachers, practitioners and stakeholders.

With respect to this implementation an orientation programme was conducted in the month of May 2017 that helped our schools streamline the process of assessment in terms of student attainment levels as AFL and AOL strategies. The development is likely to impact attitudes and approaches and will therefore contribute to the overall improvement in the quality of teaching, learning and assessment processes involved.

These training sessions were conducted on the 17th and 18th of May 2017, @ OAK TREE PRIMARY and AL SADIQ ISLAMIC SCHOOL, respectively by Mr. Chris Crews and Mr. Chris. The teachers were briefed on Class Monitor usage and its implications. The teachers were trained with a live demonstration on the pathway on how to record and update student data as assessment reports and targets in different areas of work sessions as Classroom assignments, Homework assignments and assessments as for AFL – Assessment for learning and AOL – Assessment for learning against the set Curriculum standards and expectations.

They were also trained on how to virtualize independent learning adoptions in the system so as to make our students as an independent learners who takes responsibility of their own learning.

ATHENA supports the practitioners with a teacher’s handbook for easy usage. We owe our sincere thanks to the Teaching and Learning Committee of ATHENA

  • Mr. Chris Mc Dermott (Founding Principal of OAK TREE PRIMARY)
  • Ms. Margaret Deacon (Vice Principal, GRAMMAR SCHOOL)
  • Ms. Carrie Hoza (Vice Principal, OAK TREE PRIMARY)
  • Ms. Lini George (Academic Coordinator, AL SADIQ ISLAMIC ENGLISH SCHOOL)
  • For their support in effective implementation of CLASSROOM MONITOR in our schools.

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