Kenken International Championship

School Admin 15 May, 2017

KenKen is a grid-based arithmetic logic puzzle that employs puzzle technology along with basic math operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division challenging a student’s logic and problem-solving skills.

Beginning in 2010, KenKen tournament is held in New York every year in December. Countries participating in the international championship include India, UAE, Japan, USA, and more.

KenKen has been the world’s fastest growing, most popular, and most addictive math and logic puzzle in the world.

The Kenken International Championship (KIC) which run in the UAE for this first time saw more than 2,300 students participated in the exam, competing at different levels. It was announced that, winners of the emirate level will go on to compete in the national level in October in a bid to represent the UAE in the international championships in New York. Exciting cash prizes worth AED 100,000 were announced for the winners at different stages of the championship. The final 10 national winners will win an all-expense paid trip to the international championships in New York. Today, KIC is not just a world’s biggest mathematical puzzle competition but a journey to math mastery, brain development, personal strengths, and pride for students, parents, schools and country.

You do not need to be the great John Nash or the school geek (no definitely not superman) to excel at Kenken, but just “Be a student @ AL SADIQ ISLAMIC SCHOOL & KEN KEN is Yours”….. hailed the glorious winners of KEN KEN. Yes, Our students of Al Sadiq Islamic English School, along with their teacher trainer for Maths – Mr. Mohammed Masoor, made their school reach its crowning glory. They made their school proud in coming the raking criterion as Mohammad Umar Chohan in the 2nd Rank, Hossain Mohammad Tehan in the 7th Rank, Sirajam Muneera in the 8th Rank, Muhammad Ahmed Nadeem in the 18th Rank. Among the first ten national winners Al Sadiq was proud enough to hold three winning positions with all pride. Kenken International Championship has emerged as a great tool for both intrinsic motivation for the sake of advancing one’s skills and knowledge and extrinsic motivation in the form of recognition and reward, both important for engaging children….as thoughts shared by Mr. Masood, HOD of Maths Department of Al Sadiq Islamic English School.

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