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About Us

Al Sadiq Islamic English School is a school located in Al Qusais, Dubai. The school provides a UK based education with Islamic principles and values. Al Sadiq Islamic English School follows British Curriculum which leads to IGCSE of University of Cambridge accreditation.

Al Sadiq Islamic English School provides a secure, supportive environment, which nurtures learning and understanding, with a continued commitment to excellence.

The aim of the school is to foster and emphasize an appreciation of knowledge and to prepare students for a socially changing and technologically advanced society.

The school has above 2350 students and employs around 165 qualified, dedicated and passionate teachers.

Al Sadiq Islamic English School offers its students many benefits which include:
International Curriculum with Student-centric programmes

  • Digital based Education that support proficient Literacy attainment
  • 21st Century skills in SMART classrooms
  • Personality development and character building
  • Friendly and happy atmosphere
  • Individualized attention with the motto of “Every Child Matters Here”.

The focus of our school is child-centered based on our guiding principles which encourage us to:

  • Develop in students, the quest for knowledge and proficiency in written and oral communication skills.
  • Develop the capability for sustained hard work, commitment and analytical thinking in students, preparing them for Higher Education and Challenging Careers.
  • Prepare all students to become responsible, thinking, contributing and above all, caring members of a global society.

With students from over 42 nationalities, Al Sadiq Islamic English School is proud of its international character, and the culturally rich environment. We offer our students the opportunity to study and work together with others from different cultures and backgrounds; as a result the school provides widely diversified academic and extra-curricular activities suitable to the school community members, in the process enhancing their knowledge of the world.

Vision & Mission

“To Create Global Citizens with Islamic values through the British Curriculum”


Drop in or get in touch with us with the information given below or send us a query through the contact form

P O Box 16196, Al Qusais,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates


“In the creation of the heavens and the earth the alternation of the night and the day, in the ships that sail in the sea with their load…. in the rain which Allah sends down from the sky and thus revives the earth after its death; and then He spread in all kinds of animals; in the changing of the winds: in the clouds which have been left suspending between the heaven and the earth -in all these are clear signs for the people who understand”

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