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Dear Sadiqians, are you interested in expressing your talents?

Here is a GLAD NEWS for you!


This year, our School is completing its 25th year of existence and academic excellence in the educational map of Dubai.

As a part of celebrating the success, we are planning to publish a MAGAZINE showcasing the various development stages

the school has undergone, its academic achievements, the successful personalities it has moulded, the contributions it has

made to the progress of U.A.E

society, memories of the alumni, the talents of the existing student community, etc.


The Editorial Board would like to invite all of you to participate in the celebration and come out with your skills and abilities in various ways.


Given below are the key areas YOU can work on during the WINTER BREAK and send your contributions.

The best entries will be chosen and published in the MAGAZINE with your photographs.


Expected Literary and other works

  •  Design of logo, cover page& template for various sections
  •  Short story in 300 words (on any topics according to the age)
  •  Article in 300 words (on any relevant, contemporary topics of importance)
  •  Experiences/attitude to world events, education, inter-school activities, concept of inner

beauty, moral values, upbringing , etc, envionrmental protection, need of technology…….

  •  Write-up on any unforgettable memories (learning, participation in activities, extra care
  •  Reaching out experiences/charity works and the feelings
  • Interschool competitions and winning experiences
  • In-school activities (Bake Sale, Breast Cancer /Blood Donation Awareness Programme)
  • Travel reports/experiences (with interesting visuals if any)
  • Riddles/puzzles/quotes/jokes/tongue twisters/SODOKU etc.
  • Budding art works/impressions of any kind (drawings, paintings)
  • Cookery/Health tips


Entries are expected to be submitted on or before 11th January 2015 to one of the following

IDs: nargis1459@yahoo.com, sweetrumana@hotmail.com, jochanj@gmail.com, aimalik78@hotmail.com.

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Dear Parent,
Your attention is invited to the following points:
1. First Term written examination time table has been sent you on Thursday 13th November 2014.
2. School timings during written examination (7-16 December 2014) will be from 7:30am – 10:45am. School buses will leave at 11am. Students coming to school by their private transport should be picked up from the school at 10:45am. Regular school uniform is compulsory during examination.
3. Oral examination and revision work will be conducted from23rd November- 30th November 2014.On Monday 1st December 2014 U.A.E National Day will be celebrated in school.
4. Please ensure your ward(s) is punctual and regular during examination period. Absence during exams is not permitted unless medical certificate is submitted.
5. IBT (International Benchmark Test) for registered students of Grade 3,5 and 8 will be held on 24th November 2014 (English), 25th November 2014 (Maths) and 26th November 2014 (Science) from 7:45am to 9:00am.However regular classes will be held for all the classes. We wish our students best of luck.
6. School Uniform and winter wear: Our official uniform suppliers Arora uniform will be available in school from 8:00am – 10:30am from 19th November 2014 till 27th November 2014. Winter wear (Cardigans/Sweaters) are available at the stores in Dubai (04-3965350) & Sharjah (065725474) and can also be ordered in school premises till the above mentioned date.
7. Parents are requested to avoid using the main gate in the afternoon from 1:15pm – 2:15pm for safety purpose. It is strictly prohibited to use the main gate when the school buses are moving. Your co-operation in this regard will be highly appreciated. Small gate will be open for parents from morning 6:45am – 7:45am and afternoon 1:15pm – 2:15pm.
8. Parents are advised not to approach the teachers or classroom directly to collect their ward(s) at the departure time. The departure time for all the classes is 1:40pm.

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International Benchmark Test

We would like to bring to your attention the following important points to students who are registered for IBT (International Benchmark Test). 



Day/Date Timings Subject Grades
Monday,24th November 2014 7:45 – 9:00am English Registered students of 3,5 & 8
Tuesday,25th November 2014 7:45 – 9:00am Maths Registered students of 3,5 & 8
Wednesday,26th November 2014 7:45 – 9:00am Science Registered students of 3,5 & 8


  • Material required for Test:
    • 2 sets of ‘B’ or ‘2B’ pencils, eraser, sharper & ruler.
    • Geometry box for Science & Maths Test.
  • Attendance:
    • Attendance is compulsory in case of sick leave exam will NOT be held again.
  • Regular lessons:
    • After the test students will have regular lessons as test will be held in Zero period.

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Second Mock Exam – Dec 2014 (Grade XI)



ASIES Mock Timetable Dec 2014

Please make note of the following:
*Timings during examination as per the schedule mentioned above.
*In case any unexpected holiday falls during examination period,that particular day’s paper will
be held a day after the last paper, other papers shall be held as per the schedule .
*Bring your own stationery in a transparent pencil case / pouch.

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First Term Summative Examination – Nov/Dec 2014


ASIES Timetable Dec 2014



* U-Urdu, B-Bengali
Important: Students appearing for Higher Arabic will remain at home on the day they have second language paper i.e. Urdu/Bengali.
* Urdu/Bengali Exams for Grade 8,9,10 on 27th November 2014 during school hours.
* Social Studies exam for Grade 9 on 27th November 2014
* Computer Studies for Grade 8,9,10 on 30th November 2014 during school hours.
Please make note of the following :

1. Art & Craft Exam for Grade 3-6 will be held on Sunday 30th  November 2014 during school hours.

2. Oral Examination will be from 23rd to 27th November 2014. Please ensure that you have received the portion(written & oral)
3.  In case of any unexpected holiday falls during the examination period, that particular day’s paper will be held a day after the last paper, other papers shall be held as per the schedule.
4. Minimum Pass Percentage is 50 in all the subjects.
5. Timing during examination 7:45am – 10:30am (Buses leave at 11:00am). Absence and late reporting is not permitted.Absence during examination without a medical certificate is not permissible.
6. Students reporting late to school during examination period will not be given any extra time.


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Al Sadiq Islamic English School – Winner of U14 Cricket Tournament.

Al Sadiq Islamic English School

Won the First Indoor Cricket Tournament U-14

organised by the cover drive Everest Sports AcademyU14 Cricket Tournament

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Parents – Teacher Meeting

Parents – Teacher Meeting on

16th October 2014

Al Sadiq School Parent Teacher Meeting


Between 12 Noon to 3 PM


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Seats available

We have few seats available in the following grades. They will be allotted on merit on first come first basis.

  1. Grade 2 (Boys &Girls)
  2. Grade 3 (Girls)
  3. Grade 4 (Boys)
  4. Grade 6 (Girls)
  5. Grade 7 (Boys)
  6. Grade 8 (Girls)
  7. Grade 9 (Commerce-Boys)

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