Orientation for parents and students of GRADE KG 1               8:30am – 9:30am

                      Orientation for parents and students of  KG 2             10:00am – 11:00am

Orientation for parents and students of GRADE 1 – 6                8:30am – 9:30am

Orientation for parents and students of GRADE 7 – 11                 10:00am – 11:00am


School reopens for Grade I to XI Monday, 31st August 2015 7:35am to 1:35pm
School opens for KG 1 Tuesday, 1st  September 2015 7:35am to 11:30am
School opens for KG 2 Wednesday, 2nd September 2015 7:35am to 11:30am

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New Academic Year 2015-2016

Dear Parents,                                                                                                       Assalam- o –Alaikum

  1. Please find appended below the important dates for the new academic year (2015-2016)
Reopening dates for students Day / Date Timings
Orientation for parents and students of KG1 & KG2


Orientation for parents and students  for grade 1-6


Orientation for parents and students for grade 7-11

Sunday, 30th August 2015 8:30am-9:30am




School reopens for Grade I to XI Monday, 31st August 2015 7:35am to 1:35pm
School opens for KG 1 Tuesday, 1st  September 2015 7:35am to 11:30am
School opens for KG 2 Wednesday, 2nd September 2015 7:35am to 11:30am


Sales of Text Books, Note Books, School Diary – in school (Full set)

Sale of Text books, Note books & diary

(Full set only) – in school

Available in school from

26th, 27th, 29th, 30th August 2015

8:30am – 1:30pm

(In School)

Sale of School Uniform in school

Sale of School Uniform including regular school shoes (full black) and Sports shoes ( full white) at school

(Full set only)

Imp: To maintain uniformity only these shoes with set pattern specification will be accepted. Do not buy from outside.

Wednesday, 26th August 2015

Thursday, 27th August 2015

Saturday, 29th August 2015

Sunday, 30th August 2015

8:30am – 1:30pm

(In School)

Sale of School Uniform at store


READERS General Trading LLC

Dubai Branch No. 04-3965350

Arora Book Centre LLC

Sharjah Branch No. 06-5725474.

10:00am – 1:00pm

5:00pm – 10:00pm

  1. It is compulsory to buy the text books and note books (full set only) from KG to Grade 11 from the school bookstore. Please do not buy from outside to avoid variation in publisher, illustrations etc.
  2. School Uniform will be available with our official supplier. There is No change in uniform and footwear.You are advised to buy the uniform from the official supplier to avoid any variation in colour & pattern in uniform & shoes. Students are advised to buy at least three pairs of regular school uniform, two pairs of sports uniform and two pairs of ties.
  3. As informed earlier school will not be able to issue any documents such as Transfer Certificate/Leaving Certificate/Conduct certificate etc…. during the vacation from 5th July 2015 to 25th August 2015.However the school office will remain open during summer vacation from 8:00am-1:00pm.
  4. If re-registration is not done it will be the sole responsibility of the parent, if the seat is allocated to new students.

We wish to thank you for the support and co-operation you have always extended to the school.

Happy Vacation!

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KG 2 holiday Homework

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Summer Holidays Assignment- KG 1

KG 1 holidays

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Happy Holidays


Dear Parents, Assalam – o- Alaikum


1. The Annual Examination result will be declared on Wednesday, 1st July 2015 between 8:00am and 11:00am.

2. Imp: Parents who wish to withdraw their ward(s) from school must apply for T.C before Thursday, 25th June 2015. The school will not be able to

issue any certificate, letter/document, leaving certificate etc. during vacation ( 5/7/2015-25/8/2015)

3. Please clear all fee dues if any, including school transport up to June 2015 at the earliest to avoid any inconvenience on the result day. Accounts office

will be open from 07:30am to 10:30am on result day. (Fees will not be accepted after 10:30am). Parents who clear all fee dues on result day will get

the result of their ward on the following day. So kindly clear the dues before 29th June 2015.

4. School office timings (Sun – Thurs) during Ramadan will be from 7:30am to 12:30pm and after Ramadan from 8:00am to 1:00pm.

a. Re-examination will be held on 25th, 27th, 28th June 2015 from 07:30am onwards.

b. List of retest students will be declared on or before Thursday, 18th June for Grade 3 – 7 and Sunday, 21st June 2015 for Grade 8 – 10 by 3pm.

c. Students failing to appear for re-exam will be detained.

d. Portion for re-examination will be the same as that of the annual examination.

e. Retest fee receipt for Dhs. 150/- has to be submitted to the Exam In-charge, before the start of the re-examination.

f. Re-exam students must come in proper school uniform.

g. School transport will not be available during re-test days.

6. It is compulsory to buy the textbooks and notebooks (KG I to Grade 11) only from the school bookstore only to avoid variation in publishers name,

7. Sale of uniforms, books, notebooks and stationery (KG1-grade11) will be on 26th, 27th, 29th, and 30th August 2015.

8. School will re-open for students from Sunday, 30th August 2015. Please follow the school website for more details.

I take this opportunity to thank you for the cooperation and continued support you have always extended to the school.


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Annual Examination & Re-examination schedule

Dear Parents,

Your kind attention is requested to the following points which are very important.

  1. Annual Examination & Re-examination schedule
Annual Written Exam 7-18 June 2015
Re- Examination 25th,27th 28th June 2015
  1. Re-opening schedule for new academic year 2015-2016
Sunday, 30th August 2015: Orientation for Parents
KG 1 to grade 5 8:00am to 10:00am
Break 10:00am-10:25am
Grades 6 to 11 10:30am -12:30pm
  1. School re-opens for Students:

 Schedule                                                                                                                                  School Timings:

Grades 1 to XI Monday, 31st August 2015 7:30am to 1:45pm
KG 1 Tuesday, 1st September 2015 7:30am to 11:30am
KG 2 Wednesday, 2nd September 2015 7:30am-11:30am

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Annual Exam

07/06/2015 SUNDAY Social Studies Math English Science Math Math Chemistry/
08/06/2015 MONDAY English U/B Science Computer
English Islamic/Higher Islamic Social Studies IGCSE EXAM
09/06/2015 TUESDAY Arabic/H.Arabic Islamic/
Higher Islamic
Social Studies Arabic/Higher
Social Studies Chemistry Biology/Accounts IGCSE EXAM
10/06/2015 WEDNESDAY Science Computer
English U/B English Physics/
Business Studies
11/06/2015 THURSDAY U/B English Arabic/Higher
Math Computer
Arabic/H.Arabic Islamic/Higher Islamic Arabic/H.Arabic
14/06/2015 SUNDAY Math Science Math Islamic/Higher Islamic Science Biology English Biology/Accounts
15/06/2015 MONDAY Computer
Social Studies Islamic/
Higher Islamic
U/B Islamic/
Higher Islamic
U/B Math Chemistry/
16/06/2015 TUESDAY Islamic/
Higher Islamic
U/B Social Studies Arabic/Higher
Social Studies EVM Math
Business Studies
/Higher Islamic
* U-Urdu, B-Bengali
Important: Students appearing for Higher Arabic will remain at home on the day they have second language paper i.e. Urdu/Bengali.
* Computer Studies Exam for Grade8, 9 & 10 will be conducted  on June 4th / 2015 during school hours.
Please make note of the following :
1. Art & Craft Exam for Grade 1-5 will be held on Wednesday 3rd  June/ 2015 during school hours.
2. Oral Examination will be from 31st to 3rd June 2015. Please ensure that you have received the portion(written & oral).
3.  In case of any unexpected holiday falls during the examination period, that particular day’s paper will be held a day after the last paper, other papers shall be held as per the schedule.
4. Minimum Pass Percentage is 50 in all the subjects.
5. Timing during examination 7:45am – 10:30am (Buses leave at 11:00am). Absence and late reporting is not permitted.Absence during examination without a medical
certificate is not permissible.
6. Students reporting late to school during examination period will not be given any extra time.
7.Re-examination will be held on or before 30th June 2015 and list of Re-examinaion students will be announced before 23rd June 2015.

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Time Table For Grade 1 And 2

Time table for garde 1 and 2

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Al Sadiq School Alumni

Al Sadiq School Alumni

On Friday 27th February, 2015

Program Details


  • Registration & social networking : 5:00pm to 6:30pm
  • Maghrib Prayer : 6:30pm
  • Programme : 7:00pm to 8:30pm


Event Organized by : Al Sadiq School Alumni


List of Alumni:


Registration Number Name
1 Kosar Emad Neinavaei
3 manzah rizvi
4 Namra Hanif
5 zubaida maqsood ahmed
6 Muhammad Haris Ashraf
7 Samiya Abdul Rasheed
8 Ameena Yaqoob Burhan
9 Ujala Tariq
10 Muhammad Mubeen
11 Ali Afzal
12 Madiha
13 Amir Hamza Waqar
14 Maira Sohail
15 sulaiman ismail
16 Amna Tariq
17 Hirra Tariq
18 Mahima Aitheth
19 Mahnoor Tariq
20 Muhammad Nabeel Khan
21 Quratulann Rahat
22 Arooba
23 Usman Munir
24 Asha Md. Kohinoor Rahman
25 Zainab Ali
26 Muhammad Umer
27 Takiya Muhammed
28 sana arshad
29 Fathima Yousuf
30 saba arshad
32 Sana Sohail
33 Mohammed Faisal
34 Anika Ikhlaq
35 Hiba qureshi
36 Abdullah Ikhlaq
37 mobeena naqvi
38 Rifa Faiza
39 Ahmed Ellahi Khan
40 saudha azeem
41 muhammad tahir khan
42 Syedda maleha jeelani
43 Latif usman
44 fatima abdul hamid
45 Huma Abdul Rahim Wali Dad
47 Kulsoom asif
48 Aabed Mohammed Ali
49 Muhammad Umar Nasir
50 Shahrukh Ahmed Sheikh
51 Sarah Kaiser
52 Mohammad Ghufran
53 Hani rao
54 Faraz Khalid Bilgrami
56 Muneeb Aman Khan
57 Rida syeda
58 Muhammad Obaid
59 satakshi
61 Safa Sheikh
62 fatheme ranjbar
63 Khadija Muhammad
64 Aisha muhammad
65 Ismail Muhammad
67 Abdul Hannan Khan
68 Nageen Abidi
69 hossain mohammed aadek
70 Riffat JALAL
71 omer Azeem Assadi
72 Erum Jamal Kadri
74 Mariam Nasir
75 Ayesha Siddiqa
76 Syed Muhammad Jaffar
77 Maha abidi
78 Aiman Naseem
79 Marjan Ul Karim
80 Mahbub ur Rahman
81 Mohammed Ali Naseem
83 Abbas Raza
84 Yousuf Mohammad Hussain
86 fatima tu zohara
87 Umair Mushtaq
88 Temor Mohamed Azim
90 Nafisa Mohamed azim
91 Seyed Mehdi Ghayeni
93 Farwa
94 Sana Rizvi
96 Fizza Batool
98 Fatima Ejaz
99 Kawthar Askari
100 Fahad MD Anwar
101 Naeem Nasir Ahmed
102 Muneeba Khalid
103 Zain Ul Hassan
104 Mariam rais
105 madiha naqvi
106 mehreen nayyar
107 Syed Muhammad Kumail Ali
108 Azam Chiragh
110 Shadiyah mohamed hanif shaikh
111 Syeda Sara Tanvir
112 Syed Farooq Riaz
113 Aroosa Abdullah
114 Noha Jamal
115 Noorieh Emad Neinavaei
116 haseeb mirza
117 Muhammad Haroon Rashid
118 sanaa saeed mohammed
119 Muhammad Abdullah
120 sahab uddin
121 Masooma Hussain
123 Omar Yahya
124 fatima akram
125 Maria Akbar
126 Rimza Shahbaz
127 Shoaib Ahmed
128 Aamir ali
129 Muhammad ahsan
130 Noman Rauf
131 Anosha Imran
132 Ramsha Jawed
133 muhmmad umar
134 asma
135 Muhammad Jaffar
136 Hamdah Abdullah Khamis Mohammed Al Rajab
137 Mahnoor Pervaiz
140 Aruba Ayub
141 Zahra Shahramian
142 suad mohammad Abdullah
143 Masab Al Banna
144 Mai elsayed
145 Shireen Fatima Shaikh
146 Fahad Sohail
147 quratulain
148 Zainab Abu Nayeem
149 Tooba Asif
150 Shahid Khan
151 rehmat reza
152 Aqsa Abdul Majid
154 Masuda Karim
155 Muhammad Junaid
156 asmaghulam
157 Muhammad Mumtaz Shanavaz
158 nausheen abidi
159 Areeb Rehman
160 Rida batool
161 Muhammad ali ghulam
162 imran haider
163 Zainab Abdul Reza
164 Parisa Hossaini
165 Qainat Tanveer
166 Muhammad Raza
168 Soha Munawar
169 Juwaria Eijaz Kohari
170 Mohammad Imran Yousaf
171 Kazim Kirmani
172 Omair Tanweer
173 muhammad saqib
174 sama
175 Fahad Rifaqat
178 bilal rifaqat
179 Omar Rifaqat
180 Syed Ali Ashar
181 Hina quratulain
182 Hira Abdul Bari
183 Ahmad Jan
185 Mahreen Anis
186 Tania Yasin
188 Amtul Hameed
189 khadija Ali Al Bajouni
190 Mazhar ali mubin
191 Sara Siddique
192 Rizwan Tariq
193 Hamza Hamid G Ali
194 bareera ikhlaq
195 Waseem Muhammed Hussain Belushi
196 Sumiya Saad
197 Sumia Muhammad Ali Ismail
198 Mohammad Nayab
199 naeem nasir
200 Abdullah Muzzafer
201 Ramis Irfan
202 zubiya khan
203 aisha muzaffar
204 Nadia Mustafa
205 Mariam Tariq
206 Omeir Sohail
207 Tajamul Ahmed
209 ameera sajjad
210 Hamza Rais Khan
211 Minhaj Badaruddin
212 Afshan Hussain
213 faiza muzaffar
215 Shahrukh Shabbir
216 Zohair Vazir
218 mohammed yousuf
220 Nabeela Bashir
221 Muhamed Feroz
222 Muhammad Raziq
223 Shah Nawaz
224 Ali Alidina
225 Abdul Rashid
226 Muhammad Abdullah
227 Omaid Mohd Nasim
229 sabahat iqbal
230 Farooq Tanvir Riaz
231 Saima Khan
232 Omair Adil Rathod
233 Rasha Mushtaq
235 Kabir Ul Haq Mirza
237 Mohammad Maisam
238 Samira Atif
239 Asma Muhammad
240 Ali Raza
241 Syed Raheel Muzaffar
242 Muhammad Saad Tabrezi
243 Al Jawaid
244 Abbas Shabbir
245 Aamir Saleem
246 Tahira Fatima
247 Mujahid Shah
248 Tehreem Arif
250 asma muhammad malook
251 Rashid Abdul Karim
252 fakhrya Mohammad
253 Samira Hassan
255 Mohammad Qaim Mohsin
256 Shazia Ehsan
257 Numra Naseem Sheikh
258 Syed Mustafa Ali Zaidi
260 Umar Munir
261 sana maiyo
262 syed Rehman Mukhtar
264 Abid Ibrahim
265 Muhammad yousuf
266 muhammed asif cutlerywala
271 Azharul Islam
272 syed asiful islam
273 Don Jon
274 hamidur rahman
275 Muhammad Farhan Abbasi
276 Hhhh
277 Adnan waseem
278 Muhammad zeeshan amir
279 Umaima A.Qadir
280 Sadaf Naz
281 Hajera Mohammed
282 Asma Mohammed
284 Salwa Imran
285 Latifa Hazoor Bakhsh
286 Syed Ali Parvez
287 Mohsin Tariq
288 Ali Asghar
289 Syed Meesam Abidi
290 Tarteil salih
291 Ulfat Salah Mukhtar Kerboua
292 Zahra Abidi
293 Noora Kalsoom
294 Md Ashrafuzzaman Chowdhury
295 Mobeen Abbas
296 zareen fathima sheikh
297 adil amjad
298 muhammad reza
299 Sidra Afzal
300 Hebah Qatanani
301 mohammad behrouz okhravi doost
302 aqsa zafar
304 Zaitun Nahar
305 Soha munawar
306 Sabah muzaffar hussain
307 ali abbas rasol
308 Ali Daniyal
309 Mohsin hamid khan
310 Fatima AbdulRehman
311 Sadia Amir hussain
312 tanveer shah
313 Muhammad zeeshan amir
314 toufiqur rahman
315 Sahara mohd hanif
316 Iqra
317 Nasir yousuf
319 Mehnaz Md Sharif
320 Muhammad Ali
321 Israt Jahan
322 Nayab Badshah
323 Irfan Bin Sarwar Ali Thanvi
324 iqra saeed
326 syed muhammad shabbar naqvi
327 Aisha Zahid Malik
328 Mona Madeha
329 yakoob khan
330 Hafsa Abdul Majeed
331 Abeer Shaikh
332 zainab Mateen
333 fatma Ali
334 Aisha Iqbal
335 Abdul Rahim
336 jamal amir hussain
337 Zulfiqar Ali
339 Hamid Abdul Rahim Abdul Hakim
340 asma mohammad malook
341 Darakhshan Kareem
342 Asif Islam
343 azka ihsan
345 Asha Dahir Omar
346 Saeed Mohammed
347 sumaiya chowdhury
348 Suraiya Zabir
349 aliya
350 Zain ul abidin
352 salma abdul razak
353 Mahnoor Tariq
354 Mahfuzur Rahman
355 Raheela Pir Buksh
358 Suhail Farid
359 Bilal Malik
361 Mustafa Sawan
362 Marwah Saleem
364 Safa Sheikh
365 Faizan Mir Shafiq
366 Salma Imran
367 Nadiya Dilshad
369 mohammed ismail juma
370 Habib Mohammad Arif
371 Kawther Ismail
372 azka ali
373 amna siddique
374 zubaida siddique
375 Farhan Ali
378 Raqib Ibrahim
379 Aymen Umair
380 Zahra yahya omar
381 Azza Khalid
383 Mark Strelnikov
387 uzma
388 Salman Ahmed
391 sahiba
392 Doaa wael mohamed awad elgendy
393 Tariq UrRahman
394 Ayesha Ahmed
395 Ahmad
397 Aisha Ejaz
398 Memona Muhammad Saeed
400 khaja begum
402 Abubakr Ahmad
403 Mahdi Abdullah
404 Hanan Sayed Ahmed
406 Muhammad Rameez Hassan
407 khadijah chowdhury
408 mariam ali dost
409 wafa naeem
410 samina maiyo
411 Farah Naz
412 farheen baig
414 Hamza Saleem
416 Sana Arshad
418 Saeed Tariq
420 sadia muhammad asif
421 Hareem
423 asma
424 Khalid nawaz
425 Sana Malik
426 Zunaira Urooj
429 Hamdan Sayed Ahmed
431 Muhammed Adnan Cutlerywala
432 taher
433 Ujala Syed
434 Ghulam Murtaza Gungwani
436 Muhammad Umer
437 Zainab Hussain
438 Irfan Majeed
440 Waris Khan
441 Aisha Ejaz
442 kamran munir
443 Hamna Memon
445 summiyamuhammadasif
448 Shumi Begum
450 Salman Khan
451 sara hamid
452 naveed ahmed
453 zareen fathima sheikh
455 Khushal Khan Liwal
456 Faisal mohammed anwar
457 memona saeed
458 Abdul Haseeb
459 Abdul Jabbar Shahani
460 Syed Ghulam
462 Humaira Nooreen
464 Syed Hassan Jalil
465 jullz bekova

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Portion For 2nd Term

Click the following Link to View or to Download

Arabic (Click)  AND H.Arabic (Click)

 B.st, Eco,Acc 9-10 (Click)

Bengali (Click) ,  Urdu 1-10 (Click)

Computer Studies(Click)

English 1-10 (Portion details Grade 1) (Portion details Grade 2) (portion for FA and Second Term)

Isl Edu 1-10(2nd term portion) (Higer Isl)

Maths(break up) (portions of second term 12-1-15) (SCHOOL MONOGRAM) (summative portion 2 term -Math) (Grade 10 – Maths)


Social studies(portion1-9)

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